New Mix: Guest Mix for Mixology on Control Radio Italy

Mixology, an Italian radio show on Control Radio hosted by Andrea Mi, invited me to record them a guest mix. At just under an hour in length it represents a lot of the music I've been playing out in my recent sets, focusing primarily on old and new music in the 160-170bpm realm. Artists whose tracks are featured include Danny Scrilla, Deft, The Bug, Africa Hitech and Blackwax.


1. Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (BMB Spacekid Remix)

2. Deft - Drop It Low

3. Ascend - Can't Hold Back (Back II Basics Remix) *

4. Kid Lib - Around You (Junglist Gyal ShackOut)

5. Krome & Time - The License (Phillip D Kick Edit)

6. Symatic - Cannot Understand

7. Danny Scrilla - Jolt

8. Dawn Day Night - Big Booty Girls

9. EAN - Enderman

10. Schlachthofbronx - One Hand feat. Puppetmastaz & Doubla J

11. Red Rat - Caan Sleep

12. Harmonic 313 - Dutty Bounce

13. The Bug - Killer

14. DZA - Finger Snaps (Shigeto Remix)

15. Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu

16. Gemmy & Baobinga - Rockfall

17. Youngstar - Pulse X (Blackwax Remix)

18. Breakage - Higher

19. Cadenza - The Darkest Hype (Phillip D Kick Remix)

20. Lennie De Ice - We Ir E (Om Unit Remix)

21. Bustos Domecq - Drop Out Jungle

22. Firefox & 4 Tree - Warning (Powder Mix)

23. Glenn Astro - Stutter Shades (Deft Remix)

24. Holy Other - Know Where (Orphidal Remix) *

25. Danny Scrilla - Hindsight

26. Yumi And The Weather - Not Again (Manni Dee Remix)

27. Africa Hitech - Light The Way

28. Sun Ra Quartet - When There Is No Sun

* Big thanks to Om Unit for the heads up on these ones!

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